Why should you consult a doctor before taking food supplements?

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Daily, everyone experiences discomfort in some shape or form, but this does not always mean that there is a serious cause for concern. In such cases, long before starting the self-diagnosis and solving the problem with the help of a drug or food supplement, the most sensible action that can be taken is to consult a doctor. Even taking vitamins in the wrong amounts can be a health risk.


When do we need to consult a doctor?

If we want our body to function properly, it needs different types of food, which get converted into energy . When, for some reason, our diet does not include a certain food group, we respond to this deficiency differently. If the reaction is more acute, we feel this lack almost immediately. Then, the best solution for our health is to consult a doctor. As such, he would order the necessary tests to determine the source of pain or discomfort.


What do we need to know before buying supplements?

Nutritional supplements are part of the daily lives of most people in the 21st century. Factors such as stress, lack of sleep, exercise, background noise, etc.  always affect our health. The various stages in the development of our body, pregnancy and advancing age are periods of our lives that require changes in our current diet. In order to maintain the balance in our body, we need to get these active substances in the form of supplements. But we should not forget that they are neither medicines nor replacement for a healthy diet. They simply help us regulate our nutrient income by supplementing what we lack in a given period.


Are there risks of excessive use of dietary supplements?

Before consuming any food supplement, we should always ask ourselves not only about the benefits of its consumption, but also about the possible harms it can bring to our health condition. Often, when taking supplements, problems could occur, such as exceeding the recommended daily dose or taking it for a longer period of time than recommended. For example, we can take  antioxidant supplements containing vitamin C and E, which may reduce the effectiveness of some drugs needed to treat cancer.


Online consultation with a doctor

New technologies in the health sector are changing the way medicine is viewed at the moment. According to studies, about 80% of the problems associated with our health can be solved remotely. The ability to book an appointment saves us both time spent in the hospital and the risk of contact with infected patients. Another advantage is that we can reach a doctor of our choice, no matter where in the world he is.


What doctor do we need to consult?

Not every doctor is familiar with the effectiveness and application of nutritional supplements and here the comes role of the nutritionist. The nutritionist is the doctor who, after specialized consultation and conducting the necessary tests, will prepare an individual diet.  This diet will be based on our current health situation and will cover all the nutrients our body requires for its proper function.

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