Radix Isatidis – the miraculous asian herb

This miraculous Asian herb boosts your immune system.

Radix Isatidis

The world we live in has never stopped moving forward and in order to move along with it, it’s important to teach and accept what’s valuable and useful. Even the unknown. Today we’ll be traveling to Asia and taking a closer look at the alternative of Asian medicine. There, the methods of healing differ significantly from those we already know from traditional medicine. However, the goal is the same – a healthy body. In Asia, special attention is given to herbs, extracts, teas, and crushed roots. One of the most important and popular plants used in traditional Chinese medicine is Radix Isatidis. It’s a powerful immunostimulant and the first thing that every Chinese person uses when it comes to prophylaxis and treatment.

What is Radix Isatidis?

Let’s “break apart” and analyze this strange name. Radix means “root.” Radix Isatidis means the root of Isatis. In other words, the extract from the dried roots of the plant Isatis Tinctoria L. It’s known for its immunostimulants, anti-infectives, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Where does Radix Isatidis come from?

It mainly grows in China, North and South Korea and is commonly used in Chinese medicine.

When does Radix Isatidis help?

Every immune stimulation is helpful, and Radix Isatidis does just that – it stimulates the immune system, fights bacterial and viral infections, and accelerates recovery from sicknesses. According to clinical studies, Radix Isatidis shows a direct effect against many viruses, including Influenza A&B, Coronavirus, Herpes Simplex virus, Cytomegalovirus (CMV), and more. But its benefits and miraculous properties don’t stop there. Radix Isatidis has been proven to have an immunostimulating effect that works on both the innate and acquired immunity. It stimulates the cells that clean our organism from pathogens and harmful substances and also produce antiviral antibodies in the organism.


Why does Radix Isatidis help?

The extract from the root has a strongly pronounced cytoprotective effect, meaning that its active ingredients change the plasma membrane of the healthy human cells and don’t allow viruses to get attached, therefore preventing them from entering the cell. This mechanism creates a small risk of developing resistance, as it affects the host cells. Viral surface protein molecules also have no chance of getting in as they’re blocked and cannot bind to the receptors of human cells. Radix Isatidis has one more antiviral mechanism – if one cell is already infected, the active ingredients from the extract block the spreading of the viral genetic material in the cell itself. The overgrowth of viruses in cells leads to the inability of the cell to perform its natural processes, which usually kills the cell. When the infected cells die, the increased amount of viruses spread to nearby cells and infect them too. Radix Isatidis blocks this pathological process since it stops the spreading of viruses in the infected cells. Intake of the extract from Radix Isatidis also lowers the risk of developing bacterial superinfections during the time of the viral infection. When we get sick from viral causative agent, our immune system is busy fighting it, allowing different bacterias to spread, causing a secondary infection where there was already one, or the so-called superinfection. Radix Isatidis has a proven direct blocking effect on widely spread bacterias, which additionally protects our organism.

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